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Hi I'm Connie.  I am a Certified Master Life Coach and the CEO of Activate Your Life Coaching. I became a Coach for two reasons, 1 - to help individuals get clear, empowered and ready to step into their own personal power by creating a life that brings them joy and inspiration.  2 – to develop leaders in becoming smarter problem solvers and more effective communicators, preparing them to lead with purpose in our ever-changing business environment


Building a life of purpose is always a process. It can also be a challenging journey, but it’s well worth it. We all have the power to create the life and teams we desire.


Whether it’s discovering your purpose, building relationships, developing new empowering habits or just getting unstuck and creating your best life or your best team, we are here to help through our triple A framework! It all begins with  Acknowledging the need (Own your truth of where you are currently), Accessing the gaps (Identifying the barriers that have prevented you from becoming...), and Activating a plan (This is where you do the work)!

If you are ready to upgrade your mindset, skill set, and your  performance, you are ready to live and lead with purpose.

Coach Connie is an extraordinary person. She is an amazing coach, teacher, mentor and more.  She is generous with her knowledge and constructive in her praise.  As my coach, she has helped me discover and bring to life my goals and dreams.  Sessions spent with Coach Connie have fostered productive channels of communication in my marriage, deeper and more present ways of interacting with my family, a willingness to stay the course in finishing my continued education and a plan to cultivate personal growth within myself. She has equipped me with the tools and support needed to bring my dreams to fruition.  Whether teaching or coaching, Coach Connie demonstrates a seasoned level of knowledge, experience, and passion for what she does. She is truly the most uplifting person I know, and I am empowered as her coaching style is spirit-filled, encouraging, motivating, and uplifting.  Life coaching is truly her gift.   - C. Starkey, Jacksonville, NC

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