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Customized Training & Workshops


We can help you improve leadership skills, customer service skills, intra-office communication, and almost any other area of interaction in your business.


Virtually any workplace behavior can be shaped through learning experiences and Activate Your Life Coaching specializes in delivering the customized learning experiences your employees need.  We provide training and the tools needed to turn subpar employees into superior employees, and superior employees into all-stars.


Activate Your Life Coaching utilizes certified trainers to customize employee training programs and workshops with your company’s unique constraints and challenges in mind. We recognize that teaching adults requires teaching simple concepts that are immediately relevant, all while respecting the learner’s prior knowledge and experience — something that generic manual-based training cannot accomplish.

It’s a winning partnership: You decide what skills your staff needs to sharpen, and we put together training to help you reach your goals. The training is surprisingly affordable, with a proven track record of producing results.


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